Load Toad 3D PVC Patch
Load Toad 3D PVC Patch

Load Toad 3D PVC Patch

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• Extra durable premium quality high detail 6” PVC patch
• Impressive funny artistic “Load Toad” mascot design

Keep your boots black and show everyone just how much you respect the relationship between you and the missiles with this stunning Weapons Load Toad Morale Patch creatively designed with a fun artistic flair which helps you take your mind off the existence of maintenance officers and focus more on the smell of a JP-8 in the morning.

This unique morale patch is made with a special premium quality high detail 6” PVC patch which offers you an extended durability lifespan while the Velcro design lets you attach it seamlessly to your uniform, pouch, hat, backpack, or anything else with velcro material. The Load Toads would forever remain a vital part of the US Air Force and if you truly honor the title of being a “Load Toad”; then you would definitely have no problems having a beer glass in your hands with this outstanding patch on your chest (next to your heart!).

• Easily attachable/detachable Velcro back design
• Attractive mascot artwork
• Excellent durability 
• Designed exclusively for the US Air Force Load Toads