Donald Trump Presidential 3D Challenge Coin - Gold Edition

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#MakeChallengeCoinsGreatAgain - Commander in Chief 45

The Coin

Instead of avoiding the controversy of Donald putting one of his properties on a previous challenge coin, we embraced it. These aren't being funded by taxpayer dollars, so we don't have to worry about hit pieces and accusations of "fiscal improprieties".  

On the front side, we have a stunning 3D mold of the 45th President of the United States with one of his most famous properties over each shoulder - Trump Tower and  Mar-a-Lago. On the back side, we have a stunning high-relief 3D mold of his new home, the White House.

Purchase and carry this in a show of support of the office of Commander in Chief regardless of your political affiliation! If you're in a bar and subject to a hierarchical "coin check", we're not saying that you should try to pass this off as being from the big man himself, but we're not saying you shouldn't either! 

Tech Specs

Size - YUUUUUUUUUGE! (2.25") 

Weight - TBA 

Plating - Matte Gold Color

Thickness - 5mm 

Features - 3D Molds Front and Back, Translucent Paint, Enhanced Thickness

Base Metal - Zinc for High-Relief 3D Mold  

Other Notes

Our founder, Lee, put it best in the below exchange. 

Minion - "Potentially stupid question for you before we launch this coin for our customers. What's the military's general stance on Trump?" 

Founder - "I assume we love him. Republicans give annual raises." 


Lots of negative things have been said about Trump and his coins. We're not going to debate politics, but it's the belief of the staff at Challenge Coin Nation that the president of the best country in the world should have a better challenge coin, so we made it! Thus far, they've been a bit lackluster. 

Challenge Coin Nation designed, manufactured, and delivered the first 50 of these free of charge to the man himself at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW without any burden on the taxpayers. Our sole goal is to Make Challenge Coins Great Again, without any bipartisan politics. Because we’re capitalists, your piece of history can also be purchased just in time for 4th of July!