F-35 3D Holographic Challenge Coin from Challenge Coin Nation on a wooden surface
F-35 3D Holographic Challenge Coin
F-35 3D Holographic Challenge Coin

F-35 3D Holographic Challenge Coin

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F-35 3D + Holographic Challenge Coin

Are you a fan of the F-35 Lightning? A challenge coin collector ? A mix of both? Well then get ready because this US Air Force F-35 Challenge Coin is going to blow you away!

 This beautiful jet shaped coin goes all out, measuring 2.50'' and it comes in the shape of the famous US Air Force F-35 that many of us know and love.

 A limited edition, it is incredibly well crafted and made out of high quality materials, with antique silver plating, a 3D mold on the front to give a sensation of depth and a holographic (lenticular) image on the back that features the F-35 Lighting logo and the American flag.

 A special edition meant for collectors, not a lot of them were produced so they are rather rare. This fantastic coin would make a perfect gift for coin collectors, fans of planes or just about anybody that enjoys looking at beautiful relics depicting American imagery.


Tech Specs

Size: 2.50" 

Plating: Antique Silver Plating 


  • 3D Mold on Front
  • Lenticular Image on Back featuring the F-35 Lightning Logo and American Flag