Digitized image of the Pro-Super Checklist Sticker, a “before you go talk to production” cheat sheet from Challenge Coin Nation
Stack of Pro-Super Checklist Stickers, a “before you go talk to production” cheat sheet from Challenge Coin Nation, on a wooden surface

Pro-Super Checklist Sticker

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You gotta ask yourself… HOW HARD DID YOU NONNER TODAY?

Tired of feeling belittled or being told to shut up and color from your Production office? Take this handy dandy cheat sheet to ensure the conversation goes well. Guaranteed a “promote now”!

• Specially designed Production Superintendent Checklist
• Premium quality sticker for versatile use

Give your support to the guys behind every military flightline making it happen, by taking advantage of the indescribable military honor and respect attached to this special Pro-Super Sticker artistically designed to pay a special tribute to all the former and serving military aircraft maintenance professionals.

Now you can show off your military pride and add this sticker to some of your own aircraft, vehicles, toolboxes, or give to friends, as a reminder that as long as our country remains free, we would always have a select group of individuals to thank for that especially those who give their lives for that purpose. “If it’s in the air, maintenance put it there!”

• Featured logo design
• Perfect sticking material

Zap Zap Zap!